Do I need an admissions consultant?

Not necessarily. Applicants with access to friends, family, and mentors who have a solid grasp of the MBA application process and a deep vested interest in your success may not need an admissions consultant. An admissions consultant is certainly not a prerequisite for admissions to any school, and MilitaryToBusiness encourages all applicants to reach out to current students and their own network to get as much assistance as possible.

Not every applicant however will have access to family, friends, or colleagues who are both familiar with the application process, and that take a deep and vested interest in your success. For those applicants, they should decide for themselves how comfortable they are with the process and whether they could benefit from professional feedback. A consultant who understands your unique situation and is experienced in helping people of your background can significantly increase your chances of success by helping you find your voice, convey your experience, and avoid common pitfalls. Whatever you decide to pursue, we are passionate about your success.

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