Why choose MilitaryToBusiness over other consulting firms?

The Top 5 Reasons to Choose MilitaryToBusiness

1. Proven Methods

We are all recent Harvard Business School and Harvard Law School graduates who have helped people just like yourself, and we know what it takes to help you succeed. From directly helping candidates (see Testimonials) to working through the admissions committee helping in military recruitment, we understand where you are coming from and what it takes to build a successful application.

2. Deep Devotion

Veterans care about your success unlike anybody else. We will always go the extra mile to make sure you are successful in your new mission. Our commitment to you is not just a business transaction – we are passionate about your success.

3. Shared Experience

We've been in your shoes, your boots, and your uniform. We've led in uniform. We've deployed multiple times, and we've all faced some of the same career questions you may be facing now. We also understand your experience, achievements, as well as weaknesses… and we know better than anyone how to best position you to succeed in your new endeavor.

4. Applied Discipline

Discipline and an organized approach are trademarks of any successful campaign… whether they are military campaigns or new business ventures, one rarely succeeds without a methodical and well laid out plan. Your transition to the private sector is no different. We provide the tools and the guidance to help you unlock your maximum potential.

5. Maximum Value

We understand that admissions consulting and career services are extremely expensive for just about anybody, and especially for somebody on a government or non-profit salary. We understand this because we were in the exact same situation as you are today. For this reason, we've made every effort to discount our services for military and public sector members. For the kinds of results we can help you achieve, this will probably be the best investment you ever make.

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