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About MilitaryToBusiness

MilitaryToBusiness was established by recent Harvard Business School and Harvard Law School graduates to help top performers achieve their full private sector potential. We assist military and non-traditional applicants get into top business schools, law schools, and the most competitive and top paying jobs in the market.

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Our Philosophy

Choose MilitaryToBusiness if you want to achieve your full potential. We are all military veterans from top business and law schools, and we best understand the strengths and weaknesses of military and non-traditional applicants.  As military veterans, we offer:

  1. A highly organized and disciplined approach. We help you achieve your goals by bringing clarity, structure, and deep insight into the process.
  2. A deep level of fiduciary devotion to your success. We watched each other's backs while in the service, and we will always go the extra the mile to make sure you are successful in your new mission.

Our Motivation

Long before we were a consulting service, we helped dozens of military personnel in their transition to a fast tracked business career. We are deeply involved with the veteran community and greatly enjoy giving back to those that come after us.

Do you only help military?

No. As military veterans, we naturally best understand the needs of other military applicants, but many of the same challenges apply to others with a non-traditional background as they try to navigate a transition into the private sector. We will consider anyone as a client as long as he or she is a top performer in their field.

Do you only focus on Harvard?

No. Although all our Senior Consultants graduated from Harvard, we recognize there are many great schools out there and everyone must choose the right school for them. In general, most of our clients focus on top 10  business and law schools and the most competitive job fields. Our network covers all top schools and we will bring to bear any resources necessary to maximize your odds of success.

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