Standard or Premium Package - which service is right for me?

There is no "right" answer as to which package is the best option... we offer both options because different clients have different needs and preferences. The Premium package offers more; more flexibility and more consultant one-on-one time, and therefore also costs more. To decide which is best for you, consider which category better describes you?

Standard Package

  • You prefer to receive expert input and advice, and then to turn and work largely on your own with regularly scheduled and fixed azimuth checks to make sure you are doing all the right things.
  • Once you get started on something, it's unlikely you will want to completely change course or change your mind on something. You feel pretty confident on the path you are choosing.
  • You are already fairly comfortable as an essay writer.
  • Reducing expenses is top priority.

Premium Package

  • You prefer the option to have as many conversations with your consultant as you feel you need during the process, or have extra looks at essays or new essay ideas, etc. In other words, you want insurance that you can always get a consultant on the phone (or email) to addess any concern along the way.
  • You want the option to potentially change essay topics midway through the application.
  • You value flexibility in your consultant relationship, and the ability to add greater emphasis on some parts of the application.
  • Price is important to everyone, but the extra flexibility and insurance you get with the Premium package is worth it for you.

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